November 5, 2014

Our Trip to Madrid

View of the city from the Bellas Artes Azotea (Rooftop)

As you may know, my husband and I went on vacation recently to Madrid and Rome. We had an amazing time in both cities. On this post, we will be talking about Madrid.

Madrid is one of the most beautiful and dynamic cities we have ever been to. Full of energy and life, it combines both old and new, traditional and contemporary, all in one sprawling, yet very walkable, city center.

We spent five fantastic days in this city and loved every minute of it. My husband and I are not big museum or monument people. We appreciate (some) art, but what we really like to partake of when we travel is the food and drink of the area, and its people and pastimes. In our opinion, that's how you get to taste the real flavor of a place.

We took a ton of pictures- too many to post. Here I have selected just a few of the ones that, I believe, show how we saw this city. I just realized that all of the food pictures were taken with my phone. If you want to check those out, you can go to my Instagram here. We also went to a Tablado (what they call a Flamenco show), which is a total MUST if you go to Spain, but they did not allow flash photography and it was pretty dark so we did not take pictures there. I hope you enjoy!

Bellas Artes Azotea- a rooftop bar/restaurant with amazing views. People sit around and sip on their beverage of choice while catching up and enjoying the views that you see on the two pics above.

Parque del Retiro (Retiro Park)- Huge park with gorgeous lawns and flower gardens in a quiet part of the city. You can rent paddle boats, walk around and enjoy the entertainment (such as accordion players or the human statues), or just sit on a bench, relax, and enjoy the afternoon.

                                                                              From wide streets with tons of cars

                                                      To narrow sidestreets accessible only by foot or bicycles

                                                                                    Don't stop dreaming

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