September 24, 2014

Currently Craving: Cooler Weather

Yesterday marked the first day of fall, and while a lot of parts of the country have already begun to experience a drop in temperatures, we, here in the South, are still wearing shorts, tank tops, and sandals. As much fun as that may sound to some, to me it poses a bit of a situation. You see, I'm over shorts and sandals and tank tops! I want to start wearing sweaters and jackets and boots. And scarves, lots and lots of scarves. Well, actually, I wear scarves in the dead of summer too but, you get the point.

So, in lieu of wearing these fall pieces right now, I've resorted to just stalk browse the internet and add them to my wishlist/shopping cart. Below are some of the ones I'm currently craving.

By the way, I may or may not have pulled the trigger on some of these already. Stay tuned!

Have a fantastic Wednesday and rest of the week, lovelies! I will not be around on Friday so we'll meet back here on Monday!

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