July 27, 2016

Keepin' It Real

Swing Tank: Anthropologie, Cut-Off Shorts: Siwy, Platform Sandals: Steve Madden (also like these), Crossbody Bag: Street Level (similar here, and here), Earrings: Adia Kibur, Necklaces: Vanessa Mooney, and Madewell, Hat: Madewell, Lipstick: Mac "Chili"

It is starting to get unbearably hot and humid down here, rendering me a very unhappy camper. I don't do well in this kind of weather, and I swear I get SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) right around this time every year and it lasts up to mid October. I am not even kidding about this. August and September are very low on my "Likes" list. I'm so sorry, guys. I don't mean to sound like a complaining little whiner (which I realize I might), but I'm just keeping it real.

On a brighter, happier note- this outfit! Everything about it makes me happy. The bright orange top, the carefree cut-offs, the straw hat, the boho-ish sandals... Now, these pictures were taken a few weeks back when it was still bearable out. To be perfectly honest, I don't think I'd be smiling this much if these pics would have been taken right now! ;-)

Thanks so much for letting me vent, friends. I wish you a great rest of your week, and see you back here soon! 


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