May 19, 2015

These Shoes are (Not) Made for Walkin'

Top: Anthropologie (available in 4 colors!), Jeans: Citizens of Humanity "Emerson", Shoes: Christian Louboutin "So Kate", Bag; Chanel (similar options here, and here) Sunglasses: Prada, Bracelets: Maria Paola Jewelry, Lipstick: Mac, "Mac Red"

While I'm very good about purchasing pieces that not only fit my personal style, but are also comfortable and practical at the same time, sometimes, there's an item special enough that will require my making an exception. Case in point: these shoes. I love, love, love them. When I saw them, I gasped! They are elegant, classy, feminine, and have a certain edge to them; however... "comfortable" and "practical", they are not.

It's not that they're necessarily uncomfortable, per se, it's just that since they have a 5 inch heel, and no platform, they are not exactly walking shoes. These are what you would call "valet" shoes. You put them on, get in your car and drive to the restaurant/bar/lounge, valet your car right out front, walk in and immediately sit and enjoy your dinner/drinks/conversation, and then jump right back in your car, and go home and take them off.

That said, I've heard they do get easier to walk in over time. So, in the meantime, I'll just wear these beauties when I know I'll be valeting my car.

P.S. No judging, please. :-)


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