February 17, 2015

Random Acts of Kindness with KIND Snacks

Good morning, everyone! I'm very excited to be participating in the KIND Snacks' 24 Random Acts of Kindness that is taking place in Miami today!

While you may already be familiar with their delicious snacks, what you may not know is that an  integral part of KIND’s DNA is collaborating with our community to help make the world a little kinder. 

As such, today, the KIND team will perform 24 acts of kindness, one to represent each hour of this day. These acts will range from delivering food and toys to local animal shelters in the Aventura area, to purchasing a coffee for the person behind in line, and will take place from 6:30am-5pm.

Whether you live in the Miami area or not, I challenge you to participate in this effort by performing some random acts of kindness yourself. It could be something as simple as paying a genuine compliment, holding a door, leaving an extra tip to your server, or maybe buying your co-worker lunch. 

Whatever you decide to do, we would love to hear about it! Tweet your kind acts today with the hashtag #kindawesome and tag @KINDsnacks and @girlinahotcity. I will choose one of you and you will win a box of 24 KIND bars! Go and be KIND!

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