October 8, 2014

Currently Craving- Skirts

While doing a quick review of my posts from the past two months, I couldn't help but notice that there are zero outfits with skirts or dresses. None. What?! How can that be? I like skirts and dresses. I don't know, but for some reason, I've just been reaching for my beloved jeans and/or shorts!

There's obviously nothing wrong with that but ,when you have a style blog, you want to show your readers your versatility and range. And, quite frankly, I have not been showing much range lately!

After some thought, and careful examination, I realized that I hadn't been reaching for skirts or dresses because I need to do a little revamping in that section of my wardrobe. So, that said, here are some skirts I've got my eye on. I can picture the mini's worn with tights and boots when the weather gets cooler. Next post, I'll do a dress round-up!

Any thoughts on which skirts I should get? Would love to hear your opinion!

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